The Digital Epstein's Little Black Book


This site contains all the names and info found in Epstein's infamous "little black book".

The contents are a list of 1971 names with with contact information such as phone numbers and addresses.

Several VIPs and respected individuals are found in the book.

Together with the flight manifests of his private jet, the black book is an invaluable primary source of Epstein's network available to the public.

Before Epstein was able to destroy it, his butler at his Palm Beach house provided the FBI with a scanned copy of the black book. The book was available to use for Epstein's staff at the residence.

Jeffrey Epstein's

Little Black Book

95 pages

1971 names


Some random people

Robin – Maura Koons – Chrstopher Brooks – Charlie Althorp – Saffron Aldridge – Diandra Douglas